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Simple Tips to Use Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle, a kitchen tool favoured by lots of people. They work together to ease our lives, as there are so many other kitchen tools can be replaced by this duo. The unique shape that kind of looks like an antique display makes it a decorative tool for your kitchen. You don't need those food processors or grinders, these simple tools can easily do the work even better.

The simplicity of these tools is no doubt the best thing about them. Without any electricity needed, you can mash and grind any herbs and spices in no time. By going back on how the oldies used to work on the kitchen, you can crush and smash anything easily with more control and feeling over them. This does make kitchen more fun, doesn’t it?

Preparing Your Mortar Pestle

Did you know you can’t just your brand new mortar and pestle Amazon just yet? When they are yet unseasoned, there are tiny particles of rock that are still on the surface of the mortars. These rocks have to be cleaned first so that they won’t go in your foods through the amazing herbs and spices you are preparing.

To do this, you have to wash and rinse them in water to get rid of any dust. Do this several time, then fill the mortar with water and let it sit overnight. Remember not to use soap for this. The next day, you can wash it with more water, but this time add a handful of white rice.

Grind them into paste and you can see the debris being washed off as the rice is not white anymore. Rinse and repeat several times until when the white rice turns to paste, the colour stays white. This is to ensure that you have removed any dirt and rocks and your tools are safe to use now.

Technique to Use

As simple as these tools look, knowing the right way on how to use them is necessary. To use the stone mortar pestle, grab the mortar on one hand and the pestle on the other hand. Make sure you are supporting the mortar while grinding. Then, you can put the ingredients you want to grind inside and begin to smash them slowly.

Keep pushing the ingredients to the middle by smashing, not slamming them. The ingredients will turn into paste or powder depending on what your foods are and ready to be introduced to your soon-to-be tasty dish! The flavours of your dishes will come from the fresh oils of the herbs or spices you use.

How to clean

The reason why you are not supposed to use soap to wash your mortar and stone is because their surfaces are porous and your soap may be trapped inside them. Then, the soap residue may contaminate your food and this can be unhealthy. Remember to use them only when they are dry so the only liquid inside will only come from the oils of your ingredients. Now, you are ready to rock these tools!

If you do interested of getting mortar and pestle, we recommend you to get the one from Apothecary’s Grinder. It has sleek looks, and made of safe non-toxic materials for you to use. The non-skid base will also function to hold the mortar still as you grind your herbs and spices. Definitely a work of art!

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